The application for Summer STEAM 2024 IS NOW open!

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Summer STEAM is open to CT Teens Ages 13-17 and is free to attend. This year, we are offering eight weeks of programs (outlined below) beginning June 24 and ending August 23.

When you apply, you will be given the opportunity to apply for for up to three program weeks. However, please keep in mind that we will not be able to offer more than one program week per applicant.

Space is limited and programs could fill up. When programs are full, we will be keeping waitlists.

The programs are: 

Week 1: June 24 - June 28 - "Virtual Reality Game Design"
Dive into the world of Virtual Reality, using Unity to design and create VR games. Take home your virtual creations, showcase your application of game development principles.

Week 2: July 8 - July 12 - "3D Printing"
Everyone gets to explore the mechanics of 3D printing and the inner workings of these cool machines. Take home your own 3D objects while understanding what additive manufacturing is all about!

Week 3: July 15 - July 19 - "Cosplay Costume and Prop Creation"
Unleash your creativity in costume design and prop creation using crafting, sewing, and fabricating with a variety of mixed materials. A fun, hands-on exploration and get tickets to ConnectiCon, Hartford!

Week 4: July 22 - July 26 - "Sumo Robot Building"
You will design, build, and battle your own sumo, pusher robot in the 1lb Ant-Weight battle division. Everyone will get to compete in our MAKER-BATTLE arena!!

Week 5: July 29 - Aug 2 - "Skateboard Construction"
Build custom skateboard decks by veneering, gluing, laser cutting and etching. Finish with basic woodworking equipment and add art and vinyl to personalize your boards. We use the coolest Roarocket kits.

Week 6: Aug 5 - Aug 9 - "Puppet Making"
Explore puppetry through foam crafting, sewing, and basic woodworking. You’ll use a wide variety of materials and maybe even add LED lights or motion. Then make a short video for social media.

Week 7: Aug 12 - Aug 16 - "Video Game Console Design"
Dive into “retro-gaming” and design your own video game console using Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, and laser cutting! Then explore Egame development using Python to design and program custom games.

Week 8: Aug 19 - Aug 23 - "Aerodynamics and Drones"
You’ll learn flight principles using a small wind tunnel, powered paper airplanes and drones. Cool, hands-on experiments and guest speakers will help you understand aerodynamics. Then...drone flying skills will be taught by the pros!

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