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Operating Hours: Tues: 5pm-9pm / Wed: CLOSED / Thurs-Sat: 10am-9pm / Sun: 10am-6pm / Mon: CLOSED


FREE STORAGE - Open Areas within Shops

  • Each shop at MakerspaceCT has limited and temporary free storage areas.
  • These storage areas are intended for project(s) that you are actively working on, they are not intended for long term or permanent storage of materials or tools.
  • Any time you store something, you must clearly mark it with your name and date.
  • We consider temporary storage to be 30 days or less. In any case, it must be material for a project that you are actively working on.
  • Any storage needs that you have beyond 30 days must be arranged with the shop manager, and may not be guaranteed.
  • The scale and size of the material that you choose to store must be reasonable and manageable. MakerspaceCT is a shared community workspace, please be considerate of other members who also need to use storage. Please consult with the shop manager about storage for larger items.
  • At no time should carts be used for storage.
  • Keep stored items away from work areas and surfaces, including on machines.
  • If you need to leave your material on a machine overnight, please notify a technician or shop manager. Please note that it’s not a given that you can leave a project on a machine overnight. If approved, you must return to finish your project at the start of the next working day.
  • No hazardous, flammable or volatile substances may be stored at MakerspaceCT.
  • Open area storage is “at your own risk.” We are not responsible for damaged, stolen or lost items.

FREE STORAGE - Locker Room

Members have access to free, secure storage in the locker room next to the front entrance. These lockers are meant for the storage of clothing, personal items, bags, etc. For security, we recommend that you use your own lock.


MakerspaceCT offers secure, long term storage cabinets that may be rented on a monthly basis. Two options are available:

  • Large (48" x 96" x 18")
  • Small (28" x 28" x 12")

Please contact shop staff for more information or visit our website at https://app.makerspacect.com/storage to rent a locker.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Our facility is mask-optional as of Friday, April 1, 2022. Please click here for more info.

MakerspaceCT is a program of McEivr, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Please Donate Now To Help Support Our Mission.

Location: 36 Talcott Street, Hartford, CT 06103

Phone: 860-619-MAKE.  Email: info@makerspacect.com

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